Väla centrum – shopping centre of the year 2012

The forty year old shopping centre Väla, outside Helsingborg has been awarded a prize as  the shopping centre of the year 2012. The jurys motivation underline  a creative design and a balanced connection to the historical look which has been further developed.

It is funny to read they mention a historical look. I do not know who was in the jury but it must be a group with a very limited vision to talk about historical look in connection to this building – with a look like a storage.  But by all means – after a while everything gets a history.

The NCSC jury
The Nordic Council of Shopping Centres, NCSC does not reveal the names of the jury on its website. They do not mention the prize either. Must have forgotten or it is maybe not that important. The board of the Swedish section of NCSC consists of four people, three of them represent different shopping centre companies. It is probably these guys that make up the jury. For a prize like this one might have expected a representation of customers. Another part that could have vested interests is the city of Helsingborg, which have, over the years followed Väla centers effect on the city core.
No – prizes like these are awarded like architectural prizes in general to colleagues by colleagues. Another year, the owner of Väla – Diligentia, will be in the jury, talking about architecture and history.





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