Emporia / Copenhagen

Today the French business newspaper Les Echos has an article on the opening of Emporia, Klépierres 272nd shopping centre. This morning you could read that Emporia was placed in Copenhagen and Fields, another Klépierre centre was situated on the other side of the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Now adjustments have been made. I do not intend starting cracking jokes about this mix-up. Yet what might be a thought is that it illustrates the distance between owners of shopping centres and the local markets they operate in.

What is really interesting in the article in Les Echos is a statment of Mr Jean-Marc Jestin. He is appointed to be the third man in the leadership of Klépierre and to work side by side with Mr Jean Morel. Jean-Marc Jestin is appointed by Simon Properties who recently became a large owner in Klépoerre. Simon Properties is the largest shopping centre owner in the US.

Mr Jestin says: the revolution in shopping centres right now, it is the rapidly growing obsolescence of brands.–The number of those who are strong (attractors) are diminishing since five years.

I quote from Les Echos: la revolution des centres commerciaux actuellment, c ´est l´ obsolescence de plus en plus rapide des marques. Nombre de celles qui étaint puissants il y a cinq ans déclinent.)

Well, this is something most consumers and visitors have noted since many years. It allows me to end this by a wellknown phrase:





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